About Us

CBIONE has been a market leading specialist in the circuit breaker industry for over 35 years.

During this time, our company has developed a strong and reliable reputation in the electrical industry nationwide for our quality products, competitive prices and superior service. From our large facility, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff can provide you with the products and services that you need. We exercise accurate inventory quality control in order for us to better serve your needs by getting your order out when you need it. We offer same day shipping.

With CBIONE you get Confidence, Performance and Support. We are committed to Excellence!

Los Angeles City Hall:

We have been tasked (by one of our field service reliability testing partners) to perform circuit breaker maintenance and repair on a large line up of obsolete power circuit breakers for Los Angeles City Hall, which dates back to 1928, is the center of the government of the city of Los Angeles, California, and houses the mayor's office and the meeting chambers and offices of the Los Angeles City Council.

National Steel and Shipbuilding Company

For the past 10 years, CBIONE and our electrical wholesale partner, have been providing circuit breakers and repair services for National Steel and Shipbuilding Company, commonly referred to as NASSCO, an American shipbuilding company with two shipyards located in San Diego, California and Norfolk, Virginia. It is a division of General Dynamics.

Qualcomm Stadium

The weekend before Monday night NFL football between the San Diego Chargers vs the Pittsburgh Steelers on 10/12/15, one of Qualcomm Stadiums main power circuit breakers was failing to the point of an emergency shutdown. Our NETA certified field reliability partners were on site to access the situation and we were called upon to provide a 2000 amp power breaker that is no longer in production, yet a delay of a major national game was not an option. CBIONE was tasked to by our electrical wholesale partner to provide a solution within 24 hours. Our response to deliver was immediate. We were able to provide and match the exact power circuit breaker within a time frame of 7 hours. The shutdown prior to the game was successful! Our mission is to respond and perform on time, on target.