Low Voltage Insulated Case

The insulated case circuit breaker is the most current design being used as a new, more compact style frame that operates like a low voltage power circuit breaker. They are very much like power circuit breakers in terms of electronic trip functions, high amperage and installation. It is becoming more common to identify an insulated case breaker with a 10-15 digit catalog number sequence.

CBIONE has incorporated the insulated case circuit breaker in its product line and extensively stocks the following manufactures:

  • Siemens

  • Eaton Cutler Hammer

  • General Electric

Considering the complicated nature of insulated case circuit breakers and their long catalog numbers, our sales staff has the knowledge to assist our customers determine the necessary details such as:

  • Amperage

  • Operating type

  • Mounting style

  • Control Voltage

  • Accessories

As the electrical industry evolves with technology, the low voltage insulated case circuit breaker will continue to replace the large and obsolete power circuit breaker.