Low Voltage Power Air

Air circuit breakers are the most rugged, highest rated and most flexible low voltage circuit breakers. CBIONE has specialized in providing power circuit breakers for over 10 years. Our company stocks a variety of amperage ratings from 1200A to 4000A. Our sales staff has the knowledge and experience to assist our customers by asking the right questions to ensure the right power breaker is being provided. Since traditional power circuit breakers don’t offer a catalog sequence number that explain the necessary details, it is important to discuss all key points of information when dealing with these circuit breakers.

  • Amperage

  • Operating type

  • Mounting style

  • Control Voltage

  • Accessories

The air circuit breaker is the oldest design in the power circuit breaker sector, yet it remains a very strong and long lasting, reliable circuit breaker. Many large industrial operating facilities still choose to continue using the air circuit breaker.

In most cases, the original trip mechanisms must be replaced with a solid state trip programmer to ensure better reliability and operating consistency.

CBIONE also performs repair services for low voltage air circuit breakers. See repair service page.