Shop Services

Low and Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker Shop Services:

Rebuilding, testing and reconditioning services for Molded Case Circuit Breakers, Electronic, Power Insulated Case, Low Voltage Air Circuit Breakers and Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breakers. We also offer testing and repair for motor control bucket units (MCC), Motor Starters, Bus Plugs and Fusible Switches. Trained and experienced technicians perform top quality shop services that provide full inspections, mechanical operation, contact resistance testing, electronic solid-state programmer upgrades/retrofit and complete circuit breaker disassembly and remanufacturing. Their focus is to provide a superior, quality controlled repair and reconditioning service for existing customer products. Internal processes and procedures are carefully reviewed prior to completion and delivery. Test reports are provided for customer records.

Our repair and reconditioning service is a very cost effective way to keep within tight operating expense budgets and offers huge savings when the purchase of a new circuit breaker may not be an option for the customer. During the last 50 years, a large variety of circuit breakers have been discontinued. For the past 35 years in business, CBIONE has obtained a large inventory of discontinued brands and models. This allows us the ability to provide customers with vintage electrical systems the original circuit breaker design.


Preventive Maintenance Program:

We offer scheduled maintenance programs for circuit breakers replaced & removed from service due to mechanical wear and tear with a spare and have the existing one tested and reconditioned and ready for use once the next circuit breaker in service is ready for replacement. Our preventive maintenance program is a great and secure way to prevent emergency shut downs and the use and expense of power generators.

Expedited Emergency Repair Service:

An unexpected emergency shutdown is always a possibility for around the clock operations such as an oil refinery, manufacturing plant, medical center, airport or a commercial office building. When such an occurrence happens and the circuit breaker unit that is needed is not available due to obsolescence, a unique foreign manufactured unit such as (ex: ABB, Merlin Gerin) is simply just not available at the time of need. For emergency situations like this, we understand the substantial costs involved for down time and that getting the job done now means NOW! In this case, all other jobs are put aside in order to expedite, test and repair the existing unit, have it delivered on site or critically air freighted out and get the customer back in operational status.


URC Solid State Electronic Trip Programmers Upgrade for Low Voltage AC and DC Circuit Breakers:

Utility Relay Company is a leading manufacturer of micro controller based, arc flash reduction and true RMS solid state trip units for AC and DC power circuit breakers. Utility Relay Company’s focus is providing high quality, reliable and versatile trip units for low voltage circuit breakers. Each trip unit is supplied with complete retrofit kits that are designed for each manufacture and breaker type for accurate installation and reliability.



CBIONE is a NETA Alliance member (National Electrical Testing Association). NETA is a widely recognized organization within the electrical reliability industry for a high level of testing standards.